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Product Liability

Goodenough v. Defendant Equipment Manufacturer


Defendant Equipment Manufacturer


Favorable Settlement


Plaintiff, an employee of American Airlines, was injured when an aircraft tractor crushed him against another tractor during the pushback of a Boeing 767.

Plaintiff suffered severe and massive injuries resulting in 22 surgical procedures, permanent incontinence and impotence, and chronic pain that was unremediable by medication. He alleged that he was unemployable and had paid $485,000 in medical bills and would incur $3.6 million in future medical payments and lost earnings.

He alleged that the tractor was defective in that it provided limited operator visibility, had neither a back up alarm nor a light beacon and that the mirrors were defective.

The case settled after five weeks of trial for $13 million less than the pre-trial settlement demand and only slightly more than the pre-trial offer.