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Professional Liability

Galvan v. Defendant Hospital


Defendant Hospital


Deadlocked Jury


In this eleven-week trial, plaintiff argued that the young mother of four children died following a three-week hospital stay from septic shock.

Plaintiff had originally been admitted to the hospital through the emergency room for treatment of her gall bladder. She subsequently developed liver abscesses, and plaintiff alleged that these were neither timely diagnosed nor treated.

Plaintiff further argued that the treatment of the sepsis was untimely and improper.

The defense argued that the patient most likely died from an undiagnosable pulmonary embolus. Moreover, the clinical picture demonstrated that plaintiff had a persistent but only slightly elevated temperature and never did present the clinical picture of a patient suffering from sepsis and eventual septic shock.

The plaintiff asked the jury for nearly $4 million. After several days of deliberation, the jury was unable to come to a unanimous verdict.