Professional Liability

The battleground in professional negligence always turns on one question. Whether it be a claim of legal, accountancy or broker malpractice, the essential issue is the same: Did the professional comply with the standard of care? Nationally, few firms are as familiar with the terrain of this battleground than is DBMS. DBMS has expertise in defending attorneys, architects, engineers, accountants, brokers and other licensed professionals and their firms in matters spanning myriad claims of damages, both personal and financial.

DBMS is the law firm of choice to defend lawyers, as reflected in the U.S. News’ rankings of the “Best Law Firms” in the field of legal malpractice defense. Major insurance carriers underwriting professional malpractice claims retain DBMS attorneys to defend their insured professionals in claims alleging or involving securities fraud, conflicts of interest, fiduciary breach, domestic relations, estates and trusts, taxation, as well as accountancy, architectural and broker malpractice. DBMS is proud of its trial record in defending these lawsuits to conclusion in both bench trial and jury trial contexts.