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DBMS Obtains Defense Verdict in Breach of Warranty Trial

October 25, 2021

Auto Manufacturer


Defense Verdict


Edward E. Fu successfully defended an auto manufacturer in a breach of warranty trial in Lake County, Illinois. The Plaintiff alleged that the Defendant breached the express and implied warranties provided with an Supercharged Performance SUV vehicle when it failed to correct allegedly defective brakes.  Defendant provided evidence that the performance brakes installed on the vehicle consisted of a material specially formulated to enhanced braking power for high performance SUV vehicles and that the intermittent squeaking sound emitted during the braking process were characteristics inherent with the brakes, as recognized by various vehicle and brake manufacturers.  Defendant also provided evidence that the Plaintiff made similar complaints to other third party service departments after they replaced the brakes with similar aftermarket brake pads and calipers.  After demanding that the Defendant repurchase the vehicle and following a two-day bench trial, the court entered judgment in Defendant’s favor on all claims.