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DBMS Obtains Defense Verdict in $30M+ Malpractice Trial over Teenager’s Blindness


Kent Mathewson successfully defended Glacier Eye Clinic in a medical malpractice lawsuit accusing the clinic and Kalispell Regional Medical Center of failing to refer a teenager suffering from gradual vision loss to a neurosurgeon soon enough to prevent permanent blindness.

Plaintiff Brett Camen, 18, alleges that staff at Glacier Eye Clinic and Kalispell Regional Medical Center failed to recognize the danger of accumulating cerebral spinal fluid in Brett’s brain throughout a roughly month long period during which the fluid’s pressure on the optic nerve caused Brett’s vision to steadily deteriorate.   Glacier Eye Clinic and Kalispell Regional Medical Center denied the allegations in court filings and argued that Camen’s treatment was consistent with the standard of care for the symptoms he presented.

After the six-day trial, the Montana state court jury deliberated for nearly 12 hours before returning a defense verdict.