Attorney Profiles
The firm's lawyers have tried hundreds of cases and have developed a reputation as highly effective advocates for their clients, while at the same time maintaining the sense of civility that is often lost in litigation today. The firm has tripled in size since its founding, reflecting the confidence of its long-time clients and its ability to attract new clients who need effective trial counsel in a wide variety of fields. Select from the list below to learn more about the firm’s partners, associates and of counsel attorneys.

Sherri M. Arrigo
Stetson F. Atwood
Norman J. Barry, Jr.
Michael J. Borree
Mark H. Boyle
Donald J. Brown, Jr.
Mark M. Burden
Karen K. DeGrand
Richard H. Donohue
John J. Duffy
Richard B. Foster
Timothy L. Hogan
John A. Krivicich
J. Kent Mathewson
Anthony M. Pinto
James D. Sloan
Robert W. Smyth, Jr.
Todd J. Stalmack

Zach T. Bowles
Michael G. Carney
Elizabeth C. Christen
Daniel J. Cozzi
Jonathan P. Dean
Laura R. DeDecker
Katherine L. Dzik
Edward E. Fu
Matthew J. Hammer
Victoria Hartstein
Charisse S. Hartwig
Emily L. Hussey
William M. Kirby Jr.
Laura E. Mallory
Robyn E. Marsh
Christopher J. Rados

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