Riendeau v. Defendant Physician

  • Circuit Court, Cook County, Illinois07/01/1996
    Client: Defendant Physician
    Outcome: Defense Verdict


Plaintiff, a 30-year-old female, underwent repeat cesarean section and lysis of abdominal adhesions. She claimed that the plastic cap of a 60 cc syringe was left in her abdomen after the closing of the procedure.

Plaintiff underwent an exploratory laparoscopy and laparotomy 10 months later, at which time the syringe cap was discovered and removed. Plaintiff experienced lower abdominal pain, which she attributed to the presence of the syringe cap.

Complications during the laparoscopy and laparotomy resulted in a perforated colon and subsequent surgeries.

Defendant contended that the syringe cap could have been introduced during prior surgical procedures, and that the syringe cap was unrelated to plaintiff’s problems.

Plaintiff sought over $180,000. The jury returned a defense verdict.