Appelbaum v. Defendant Lawyer and Law Firm

  • Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois (Lawrence)11/15/2006
    Client: Defendant Lawyer and Law Firm
    Outcome: Summary Judgment Granted in Favor of Defendant


The plaintiff had claimed in excess of $30 million dollars in damages based on the alleged malpractice of the defendant attorneys. The claim arose from the defendants’ representation of a closely held family business and the individual defendant family members.

Plaintiff alleged a conflict of interest which led to the plaintiff’s failure to obtain an appropriate severance agreement and shareholder rights upon his termination from the company. The plaintiff had been a 25% shareholder and employee of the closely held family business.

The plaintiff claimed that the value of the purported severance agreement and stock were worth in excess of $30 million dollars over the life of the plaintiff.

The case resulted in a summary judgement in favor of the defense.