Galowich v. Defendant Pathologists

  • Circuit Court of Cook County (Dooling)09/18/2008
    Client: Pathologists
    Outcome: Defense Verdict


During a trial before Judge Debra Dooling, the plaintiff alleged that the defendant pathologists had failed to properly interpret biopsy specimens and conduct further inquiry to avoid a false positive diagnosis of mucinous adenocarcinoma in the 56-year-old plaintiff’s rectum.

It was alleged that the misdiagnosis led to the unnecessary removal of the plaintiff’s rectum and descending colon and the creation of a permanent and irreversible colostomy.

At the time of trial, the plaintiff was 61 years old and sought $11.8 million dollars in damages from the jury.

The defense successfully argued that reasonable care had been utilized in interpreting the pathology specimens and that the diagnostic criteria for cancer were present on the specimens.