DBMS defends the
Medical Profession
Defending ER Doctors
Verdict for the Defense

DBMS successfully defended an ER doctor accused of failure to properly diagnose in the ER, which resulted in the plaintiff’s death three days later. Our team proved the plaintiff died from unrelated causes.

Plaintiff v. Defendant ER DoctorRead More
  • Richard B. Foster
  • Amanda L. Balen
Defending Surgeons
Verdict for the Defense

DBMS secured a not-guilty verdict for a surgeon facing a $5.1 million claim for deviating from post-operative standard of care.

Plaintiff v. Defendant SurgeonRead More
  • Stetson F. Atwood
  • Joseph P. Lupinacci
Defending specialists
Verdict for the defense

DBMS successfully defended a psychiatrist in a trial involving claims that he inappropriately prescribed opioid and psychiatric medications resulting in hypoxic ischemic brain injury. Plaintiff’s counsel requested nearly $4.1 million, but the jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant.

Fletcher V. Defendant PsychiatristRead More
  • Sherri M. Arrigo
  • Laura K. Coffey
DBMS defends the
Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical Company
Defending big pharma

DBMS represents major pharmaceutical companies in local and national litigation cases.

  • Sherri M. Arrigo
  • Timothy L. Hogan
Medical Device Company
Defending healthcare product manufacture

DBMS represents a global healthcare product manufacturer in litigation challenging patient-care products.

  • Richard B. Foster
DBMS defends
Product Manufacturers
Orleans Parish, Louisiana
Verdict for the defense

In a jurisdiction considered challenging, the jury found the automobile design was not unreasonably dangerous after DBMS showed alternative seat and restraint designs would have caused more injuries.

Bordelon v. Auto ManufacturerRead More
  • Mark H. Boyle
Illinois 20th Circuit
Verdict for the defense

Despite plaintiff's counsel cross-examining four defense witnesses for 12 days, the jury found no negligence on the part of the defense and ruled in favor of the automobile manufacturer.

Herschbach v. Auto ManufacturerRead More
  • John A. Krivicich
  • Mark H. Boyle
Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin
Summary judgement

DBMS obtained summary judgment in favor of a defendant automobile manufacturer in three consolidated product liability cases alleging sudden acceleration.

Romero v. Auto ManufacturerRead More
  • Mark H. Boyle
  • Edward E. Fu
DBMS defends the
Legal Profession
Defending attorneys

DBMS obtained dismissal during motions in limine of a legal malpractice action against counsel for a construction bonding company in which the plaintiff asked for $4 million in damages.

Plaintiff v. Defendant AttorneyRead More
  • John J. Duffy
Defending Law Firms
Verdict for the defense

Following a bench trial, a Cook County judge entered judgment in favor of the defendant, a large Chicago law firm, finding that the plaintiff failed to prove any breach of fiduciary duty or professional negligence in the representation at issue.

Plaintiff v. Defendant Law FirmRead More
  • Sherri M. Arrigo
  • Michael J. Borree
DBMS defends
Clients on Appeal
Emergency Medicine
Favorable Supreme Court Ruling

DBMS represented an ambulance driver and the ambulance service in a case in which the Illinois Supreme Court held the lower court erred in its narrow interpretation of the EMS Act and ruled in favor of the defense.

Wilkins v. Ambulance ServiceRead More
  • Karen Kies DeGrand
  • John A. Krivicich
Automotive Manufacturing
Favorable Seventh Circuit Ruling

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals held that the plaintiff must have expert testimony to establish a design defect case.

Show v. Auto ManufacturerRead More
  • John A. Krivicich
  • Karen Kies DeGrand

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